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  • BBoy for Life

    BBOY for LIFE is the story of gang life and breakdancing in Guatemala. How can someone born into a world of violence and death find hope for a better world? Risking their own lives, a growing community of dancers ban together to survive the blood stained streets of the ghetto where they live. Their bond and inspiration brings hope to a woman haunted by her past sins as she flees the very gang that she once called her family.

    The lives of two dancers and one active gang member collide in what makes for a powerful story.

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    Choice Award
    Cate Santa Barbara Film Festival

    Official Selection
    A3C Hip Hop
    Film Festival

    Official Selection
    Film Festival

    Official Selection
    Film Festival

    Honorable Mention
    NYC Independent
    Film Festival

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  • Grace Surpasses

    Grace Surpasses is a story about perseverance in a country where peace is an ancient relic and hope is a dangerous luxury. In Southern Sudan, Grace's family lives in constant fear of violence. With nowhere to hide, each new day brings the potential for danger. By focusing on the experiences of one child, we get a glimpse into the day-to-day realities of life in Southern Sudan. Despite the hardship, Grace and her family manage to thrive in the face adversity – until a personal tragedy threatens to destroy Grace’s hope.

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  • Promo Trailer

    The Nadus Films promotional video is a reel that shows our work over the past few years. It is an opportunity for the viewer to be educated on where Nadus Films travels and why we film what we film.

  • Story Behind Nadus Films

    Founder, director and producer Coury Deeb tells his story of why he began making films that make a difference.

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