Orphan Girls

This is one of the girls we spent time with inside an orphanage in Guatemala City. Guatemala City has some of the worst orphanage statistics in the world.

Gang Life

Coury Deeb interviewing one of the major gangs in the ghetto of Guatemala City. The atmosphere was intense, the situation dangerous. But this moment among others gave us a glimpse into the realities of gang life in Guatemala City.


We documented some young men on the streets of Guatemala City who breakdance. Many dance to escape the vices of drugs and gangs. We’re considering a documentary film on the struggles of the “B Boys” of Guatemala City.

Life in the Ghetto

We discovered this blood a few feet from our doorstep one morning in side the ghetto of Guatemala City. Evidently, a person was murdered the night before. We followed the blood trail to where eventually the body was drug and thrown into a nearby stream. No police or investigation followed. Life in the ghetto.


This is Coury Deeb inside a maximum security prison inside Guatemala City with a young girl who we believe was wrongfully convicted of a murder. She was unable to battle against the corrupt Guatemala City legal system, and as a result, is serving a 20 year sentence. After an interview with her, and discussing things with organizations on the ground, we have reason to suspect she’s innocent. We’re investigating the matter and considering doing a film on “Olina”.


This is Coury Deeb and the crew getting shut down by the police. Evidently, we weren’t suppose to be filming inside this dump, which happens to be Central America’s largest landfill. 3k+ people live around thus dump and rummage through the debris to find “valuables”.