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Many brands are overlooked because they don’t have an awesome film that shares their story with the world. We make films that make an impact and help organizations grow more successfully.

Why Your Organization Needs a Film

By 2021
of global internet consumption
will be video content
Videos are shared
more times than text and images, combined

Success of some recent partners

of annual revenue raised in less than three months
Increased recruitment in three years
increase in year-to-year business after launch of film
Traffic increase
for websites that
embed videos
of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video
Faster Revenue growth, year-to-year, for organizations who use videos in their marketing than those who don't

Why You Should Make a Film with Us

Winner 2016 Official Selection Nevada Film Festival
Official Selection My Hero International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection A3C Hip Hop Film Festival
Louisville's International Festival of Film Winner
Official Selection Asheville Film Festival
Official Selection Attic Film Festival
Winner Award of Excellence Best Shorts Competition
Audience Choice Cinema at the Edge Santa Barbara Film Festival
Official Selection Canada Shorts Film Festival
Official Selection Cincinnati Film Festival
2nd Place Feature Documentary ReelHeart Film Festival
Official Selection Santa Fe Film Festival
2016 Miami Vet Fest Official Selection
Honorable Mention NYC Independent Film Festival

Connect with your audience

Rise above the noise by clearly articulating what you do in an entertaining way.

Expand your impact

You’re already doing it. Broadcast your good work to the marketplace.

Grow revenue

Increase sales or donations through clear messaging that works.

As a business leader in either the for-profit or non-profit market, you realize how storytelling can drive success. However, there’s a good chance you’ve wasted time and money in the past on having your story ineffectively told. At Nadus Films, we understand this frustration and know just what to do to ensure a return on your investment. Whether you’ve made a film before or this is your first time, we’ll offer you out-of-the-box storytelling that promises to impact your bottom line and make a difference.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“The video content produced for me by Nadus Films was not only entertaining and moving, it was a tool that helped me raise some serious capital.”

Charmaine HeddingFounder & President | Shai Fund

“They were instrumental in telling our story. Having a team like Nadus Films, that had such knowledge and expertise, made all the difference.”

Chris LongDefensive End, Philadelphia Eagles | Founder, Waterboys

“Investing in them was worth every cent. You’re not going to get just another promo video when using Nadus Films. They break the status quo through the power of storytelling.”

Dan LewisExecutive Director | The River Foundation
Jennifer Lawerance Foundation
Shai Fund
Wings of Kilimanjaro
Early Times
Darbie Angell

Use the Power of Film to Advance your Mission

Whether you’re a triple-bottom-line business who’s socially responsible or mission-driven nonprofit that’s changing the world, we will help you create compelling content that will influence culture and bring about a return for your organization. Continue Reading...

At Nadus Films, we believe stories can change the world. We also believe that the work you're doing is helping impact our culture for good. We understand the importance of communicating that impact in order to advance your vision and compound the positive change your making.

For more than a decade, Nadus Films has been making films that make a difference. Derived from content rooted in some of the most pressing issues that affect our world, we are the architects, builders, and deliverers of content that will advance your mission. Nadus Films has helped its domestic and international partners grow their annual revenue from thousands to millions and even billions.

We see both for-profit and non-profit agencies fail, time and time again, because they do not invest in the proper approach. To determine the right method for you, we listen to what story needs to do for your brand, we engineer a concept to bring about the impact your trying to achieve, and then we’ll focus all of our energy and resources on telling your story in the most effective, innovative, and powerful way.

Let us tell your story.

Let's Talk

We listen to understand what success looks like for you. In addition, we might not be the right fit for you, so let’s get to know one another!

Let's Strategize

Leveraging our trusted StoryBrand process, let’s engineer a powerful film to bring about the ultimate impact you’re trying to achieve.

Let's Get to Work

Together, let’s fearless go to tell the story that needs to be told. From promotional videos to feature films, we’ve got you covered.

Let us Tell Your Story

Stand out
Above the Rest

Inspire Your
Customers to Act

Earn More to have an
even Greater Impact

“Nadus Films created something from nothing, delivering an award‑winning film that impacted lives and strengthened our brand.”

Marc HindorffBrand Integration Director | Jack Daniels
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