Increase Your Impact with a
Stunning Film

Many brands are overlooked because they don’t have an awesome film that
shares their story with the world.
We make films that make an impact and help organizations grow more successfully.

Louisville Production Company

We aim to deliver the highest quality video production for your next project. We tell a story in everything we make, from 30-second commercials to full-length feature films & tv series. We follow a proven framework to communicate a clear, compelling message to your targeted audience. Our team will carry your vision forward using their expertise in all aspects of filmmaking.

Our Services

For years, Nadus Films has offered a unique approach to our stories, whether they’re packaged as social media content or an episodic series. We take on every story as a partner, not a vendor; therefore, we carefully craft each story as if it were our own. Our years of experience in documentary filmmaking space made us "street smart." Combine that with our highly relational ethos, and it's clear that our films have the ability to impact the market and influence people.

Documentary Film

Our expert documentary filmmaking will powerfully convey
your message to your audience.

Stories worth telling require grit. This grit can be found throughout all the ingredients to a story, which include drama, conflict, resolution, and, in the end, a redemptive arc. Because we approach every project first and foremost from a relationship posture, our work is real and honest. As all artists can attest, their work should be different because they, themselves, are different, which allows them to offer elements that are difficult to match. Nadus Films is led by and supported by artists. Those that hire and work with us understand that they’re receiving a product that is original, therefore making an impact on their target market.

Commercial Film

We provide professional, commercial, and corporate video production to help promote your company’s mission and services.

Nadus Films is largely informally trained. Because of this, our approach to every commercial project screams originality and breaks the barriers to which our clients are accustomed. We understand entertaining content, and we steer far from the status quo. Our partners/clients are always elated with the custom content we design, build, and deliver.

Our Recent Projects

“The video content produced for me by Nadus Films was not only entertaining and moving, it was a tool that helped me raise some serious capital.”

Charmaine Hedding
Founder & President | Shai Fund

“They were instrumental in telling our story. Having a team like Nadus Films, that had such knowledge and expertise, made all the difference.”

Chris Long
Defensive End, Philadelphia Eagles | Founder, Waterboys

“Investing in them was worth every cent. You’re not going to get just another promo video when using Nadus Films. They break the status quo through the power of storytelling.”

Dan Lewis
Executive Director | The River Foundation

From the perspectives of brands, non-profits, and agencies, our clients look for a team that they can trust and whose company they can enjoy. Nadus Films is both. Additionally, Nadus Films is seasoned in the filmmaking industry and brings that experience into every project. Nadus Films has journeyed through the ever-changing landscape of content crafting and delivery. In an industry that promises to be the survival of the fittest, Nadus Films has built a brand that strengthens other brands in a relevant and authentic medium.

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Expert Documentaries.
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Maintain belief in delivering the highest quality for our partners.
Always tell a compelling story.
Work as a team.

Nadus Films is an award-winning video production company based in Louisville, Kentucky. We provide creative visual services to agencies, brands, and organizations seeking a superior story and picture.

We are honored to be recognized as an Emmy-nominated film producer. For 15 years, Nadus Films has brought craft, innovation, and grit to the film-making industry. Our experience and relational ethos are what drive us to continue pursuing greatness in the art of film.