Coury Deeb
Founder / CEO / Director
Ryan Galanaugh
COO / Producer
Drew Layman
of Photography / Editor
Andrew Robinson
Lead Editor / Cameraman
Clay Cook
Still Photographer

At Nadus Films, we believe good storytelling can grow your brand and positively impact culture. We understand the importance of communicating your impact and we’re here to help advance your mission.

For more than a decade, Nadus Films has been making films that make a difference. Derived from content rooted in some of the most pressing issues that affect our world, we are the architects, builders, and deliverers of content that will advance your mission. Nadus Films has helped its domestic and international partners grow their annual revenue from thousands to millions and even billions.

We see both for-profit and non-profit agencies fail, time and time again, because they do not invest in the proper approach. To determine the right method for you, we listen to what story needs to do for your brand, we engineer a concept to bring about the impact your trying to achieve, and then we’ll focus all of our energy and resources on telling your story in the most effective, innovative, and powerful way.

Let us tell your story.

Our Work

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