The Power of Video
on Social Media

By 2021, 80% of global internet consumption will be video content. Much of that content will be consumed on social media. That’s why, when working with our partners, we produce social media videos like the one above. Brands that don’t leverage film on their social media platforms will fall behind. Consider…

Videos generate 1,200% more shares on Facebook than text and images combined. * Videos on Facebook Pages increase end-user engagement by 33%. *

Continue reading to hear the story of how one of Nadus Films’ team members grew his organic reach to more than 130,000 followers. Also, further below, you’ll have the opportunity to exclusively preview other examples of social media videos we’ve recently produced for our partner, Waterboys. We asked Clay Cook, our Photographer, two simple questions, “How have you seen social media evolve over the years and what do recommend for success?” Here’s what he had to say: Through high school, I often found myself in front of a computer, in chat software like mIRC and downloading the newest peer-to-peer file sharing service such as Napster. I always kept an eagle eye out for the newest and greatest way to connect with people. Social media all started with Friendster. It was complicated and clunky, there was a lot of glitches.Social media wasn’t really anything, until MySpace hit the web in 2004. At that time, I was heavily involved in the music business and MySpace was a platform to reach hundreds and thousands of people through the internet. When Facebook went live, it was centralized around Ivy League colleges, but I wanted in. I bartered with a friend of mine to use their .edu email address to sign up for Facebook just to catch a glimpse of the hype. I was hooked, diving head first into how to better my band and brand on MySpace. Through the bulletins, messaging and search, I found a new way to connect with people I didn’t know in person. I guess you could say the rest is history. My time as a musician came to a close in 2010 and I started my photography business in 2011. My photography and social media strategy snowballed into something bigger than I could have possibly imagined. Today, I have an organic reach of over 130,000 followers. 70K on Facebook, 60K on Instagram and 20K on YouTube. Social media was once a platform just to connect and reach people you didn’t know. It was primitive, basic and exciting. Now, it’s a crucial platform for correspondence and business. The advertising landscape has evolved from attempting to reach a specific demographic through mass campaigning similar to throwing a line and bare hook into the sea in attempt to grab a bite. Now, with social media, advertising is a more focused similar to throwing a baited hook into a small pond of a targeted community, which is far more effective. Social media, through opt-in data collection, has allowed that focused advertising. It’s easy to get discouraged and lost in today’s online landscape, but you are not alone. This situation applies to many companies, nonprofits, artists, photographers, filmmakers and people all over the world. In the current market, it’s just as important to sell your brand correctly as it is produce the art or product you're passionate about. Many don’t realize that what you post to social media has a direct effect on the engagement you receive. In order to getgreat feedback, you must provide solid content that your friends and followers can really sink their teeth into. People fly through their newsfeed at lightning speed; anything light or frivolous will be passed over without a pause. It’s hard to stand out in such an environment filled with noise. So, it’s important to stop sharing noise and start telling unique stories. Create your own content that is authentic, rich and truly contributes value to your audience. Yes, there is a strategy that includes brand voice and post frequency, but at the core of building a social media community is what you post, not how you post. Create a content strategy, identify your target audience, define what you want to accomplish and define what successful engagement is to you and your brand. Bottom line, social media marketing requires hard work, determination and consistency. It all depends on how far you want to take it and how much time you put into the content you create. If you put just as much work into social media as you do your product, service, art or craft, then the sky is the limit.