Juggling Personal Life and Work Life, Without Dropping the Ball


Written By: Coury Deeb

Telling good stories is really hard. You might think that just by having powerful content and a plane ticket is enough. Yeah, I use to think that too. Having made films for 10+ years has been a rude awakening on all fronts.

Both personally and professionally. Having been married for thirteen years and the blessing of three amazing sons, it’s been a challenge to balance it all. I have a very supportive wife that enables me to be the thrill-seeking idiot I am, but that comes with its own challenges. Being gone is something I have to be sensitive about. I’m not single. I’m not without domestic responsibilities. I see these young bucks making great works of art and I say to myself, awesome, keep it up, but find that balance because you can be consumed by your work quicker than you can imagine.


The unseen danger here, is that it happens before you know it. Surrounding yourself by a strong community with brothers and sisters who know your limits better than you do sometimes, is key. Everything we do is relational, whether we realize it or not. The question I must constantly ask myself is, "Does the work I’m investing in take part in the mission and brand that I choose to live my life by?" This thought causes constant tension with it’s fair share of doubt and struggle along the way.

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I’d prefer not to be defined by the work I do, but why I do it. It’s hard sometimes to separate the two, especially in a world where we’re judged by our performance. As a Christian, this comes with the weight of taking the spotlight off of Nadus Films and myself. I choose to love because I was loved first. So the stories Nadus tells, does so indiscriminately through a lens of hope, struggle, and redemption. Just like life. This is challenging.

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Through the lows and highs, Nadus Films has managed to stay the course. We’ve accomplished a ton of great projects. Accomplishing three award winning films is a feat in and of its self. We’ve travelled hundreds of thousands of miles over that past few years and put our lives at risk multiple times in hopes that what we do has an impact. And it has.

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We’ve had our fair share of film festival wins, a screening at the United Nations in New York City and our most recent film BBOY for LIFE picked up by Discovery and Starz.


We’ve proven ourselves over the years as being a weathered production company that knows what they’re doing. In the end, we’re blessed and thankful that we’ve found our rhythm and can wake up each morning and say, "Yep. What story is next?"

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