Back from Sudan

Nadus Films

The Nadus team has been back for a month now from their most recent trip to Sudan. While there we had the privilege of interviewing and filming Riak Machar, the Vice President of Southern Sudan. In addition to that powerful interview, we also captured footage of hospital patients who were victims of a cholera outbreak, a still-born delivery and various other scenes which illustrate the reality of those struggling to get by in Sudan.

I’m happy to report that filming for “The New Sudan” has been
completed. Now comes the long and tedious process of editing! Pending finances, we are looking at a winter release date for the documentary. Currently, we’re in need of about $34,000 to finish editing the film and distribute it. Please consider donating to this project.

In the meantime, teams of people just like you are headed into the
heart of Southern Sudan to begin touching lives. In July, a team of young men and women will be traveling to Sudan to work on water purification . In September, a medical team will go to help impact them great medical needs in that area.

It’s great knowing that, even prior to the release of this moving
film, people’s lives have already been changed by the message that Nadus is delivering from the voices in Sudan. Imagine what will happen when we finalize the film project and begin distribution! This is the best way to raise eyebrows, to call people to stand up, and to encourage people to give financially. All for the sake of those suffering in Sudan. I can’t wait to ride this out ‘til the end!

This is our update for now. Please check back regularly for more
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