"The Reel of Pain" - End of Year Recap

We hope you enjoyed our "The Reel of Pain"! In addition to some comic relief, another goal in creating this year end video was to show you that stories do not slow down even when the world does. They just become that much harder to access. With the demand for content being higher than ever, Nadus Films has pressed forward and has told more stories this year than ever. 2021 provided an opportunity for us to step in and serve both existing and new partners, all of whom were navigating new waters. We’ve nearly doubled our workload this last year and 2022 is looking to be even bigger. Our work falls into three categories. 1.) Commercial: Four years ago, Nadus Films began a for-profit side to the brand in order to serve commercial clients. This new focus has been wildly successful, and we’ve enjoyed flexing a different type of filmmaking muscle. We strived to deliver unique content, something different than what our clients are accustomed to, in order set them apart. Nadus Films has “cut its teeth” differently than most film production companies, and as a result, what we produce for our clients is different. We’re continuing to grow our commercial division while hiring additional staff to help manage and execute on our client needs. 2.) Documentary: Nadus Films began in 2005 by focusing on longform storytelling. Specifically, documentaries. Since the beginning, we’ve desired to make films that make a difference, especially on the lives of those that are voiceless and on the margins. Nadus Films has travelled the world multiple times, partnering with individuals and organizations who have a story to tell. We’ve taken on gangs, terrorism, human trafficking and other world issues. Like the commercial side to Nadus Films, documentary filmmaking has done anything but slowdown in 2021. We’re focusing on long-form projects in both the feature length and episodic formats this coming year. In fact, we have been greenlit on a multimillion-dollar docu-series and principal photography is scheduled to begin this Spring! We’ll be collaborating with multiple teams to execute on these stories as we continue to grow. 3.) Nadus Institute: In 2020, Nadus Films began building a suite of online, educational content called Nadus Institute. This powerful tool teaches nonprofits how to capture, edit and release their own videos. We’ve worked with nonprofits for over 16 years and recognize how challenging it is for them to raise funds and tell their story. Nadus Institute is designed to meet this need and be more self-sufficient. We’re excited to see how Nadus Institute will help support the mission of those working on the front lines. Nadus Institute can be purchased at www.NadusInstitute.com. We hope you’ve had a great year despite all the challenges. We believe greater days are ahead and want to extend our thanks for your support. Blessings from the Nadus Film Crew! Making Films that Make a Difference, Coury Deeb Director