Fasten your seatbelts…

Nadus Films


We are getting close! I’m happy to inform everyone that William and I, along with several others, have been working day and night (literally) to complete “The New Sudan.” We’re expecting to have the rough cut done by March, and the final cut sometime in April.

Once complete, we’ll begin ramping up distribution to film festivals far and near. After that, we’ll start general distribution, including public screenings at schools, organizations and churches. We’ll also be selling the film at

To date, we’ve raised and spent about $60,000.00 on “The New Sudan”. It has been a massive undertaking these past 2.5 years, one that has only been made possible through your support. Nadus will need an additional $20,000.00 in order to properly distribute “The New Sudan.”

Please consider giving to Nadus’ efforts to raise awareness and support for those suffering in Sudan. It is by far the most powerful and effective way to make steps towards real change in Southern Sudan.


Nadus medical director Milli Clark and I have been working hard to schedule trips for
the remainder of 2009. It has proven to be a more difficult process than anticipated, but trips are still planned and happening. We have not forgotten any of you who’ve shown an interest in going!

At Nadus, what we most desire is that our resources and time are invested in actual, sustainable change on the ground in Sudan. To make sure that happens, we plan our trips directly with our partners on location there and allow them to communicate the most pressing needs we can meet. Continue to check for opportunities to serve, both locally and internationally.



Schedule a screening of “The New Sudan.” Public screenings are expected to kick-off sometime late summer/early fall. “The New Sudan” would be a great film to show to a school, organization, church, or just a gathering of good friends!


As I mentioned before, Nadus is still in need of resources to complete the distribution of the “The New Sudan.” We’re taking distribution seriously because we know that the success of the project is contingent on who sees it. Help us give “The New Sudan” the powerful launch it deserves!

The remaining budget for the “The New Sudan” is $20,000.00. This includes distribution and past expenses acrued for the project. Once the budgetary needs for “The New Sudan” have been met, Nadus will have a minimal annual budget. Because, of course, our work does not end once the film is released. In fact, at Nadus, we believe the work will have just begun! Please click here to donate online!


Maybe you’re a poor college student (been there), a starving artist or someone who’s just strapped for cash. Regardless, there’s a lot you can do for the people in Southern Sudan, even without giving a cent.

Chances are you’ve got connections that can be used for the greater good. Maybe it’s a network of musicians, a church congregation, a gathering of artists or friends with money. If you fall into any of these categories, you can help Nadus fundraise for the people in Southern Sudan! Please email us and let us know of some ideas you might have to help Nadus raise awareness and financial support.


In closing, Nadus is encouraged by the work accomplished on the film and done on the ground in Southern Sudan so far. We know 2009 will be a great year in helping raise awareness and support for our friends in Sudan.

We hope and pray that those of you who feel led to support this work will do so! We’ll keep you updated as the film is set to release. Thanks again for all your support and the help you provide in so many ways.

Fighting for Sudan,
Coury Deeb