Letters from Coury (via Sudan!)

Nadus Films

Currently, I am in Sudan with a Nadus team, working to combat the very real needs here. Although this letter was written prior to our departure on the 16th, you can be sure the work happening here is both encouraging and beneficial to us and our partners.

We have several objectives for our time here. First and foremost, we’ll be meeting with new partners who share a similar vision to Nadus’ for the rebuilding of Southern Sudan. During our meetings, we will be doing a detailed assessment of the needs here on the ground. After experiencing these needs firsthand and returning with detailed reports, we will be better capable of serving our partners sacrificially.

Secondly, the Nadus team is delivering thousands of dollars in donated medical supplies to clinics suffering due to the lack of material needs. This is a huge need that Nadus is honored to help meet. The team has also brought with them over 100 mosquito nets, which will be handed out in areas where our partners serve. We will be hanging nets in homes with children and pregnant mothers, since they are more likely to get malaria. We’re excited to get to know those families and listen to their needs, offering to pray with them should they be willing. Malaria is the number one killer in Sudan, and we are excited to do what we can to fight this disease.

As always, Nadus covets your thoughts and prayers, especially while a team is on the ground in a very volatile region. I look forward to reporting all the great things that occurred on this trip.