Most Recent Trip VIDEO!!

Nadus Films

Nadus recently returned from Sudan.

Our “to do” list was long and our expectations were high for our time there, but the trip accomplished everything we set out to do and more. Our partners and friends made sure that the trip was 100% affirming and beneficial to Nadus’ current and future endeavors. We visited 3 cities in Southern Sudan (Juba, Rumbek and Liethnom) and assessed the needs that our current and future partners have. This trip was focused less on doing and more on listening and understanding. Taking time to do so ensures that our time and resources are invested in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Though we did a lot of listening on this past trip, we also had the honor of “doing.” We hand delivered a couple thousand dollars worth of basic medicine and medical supplies. In addition to this, we were able to bring close to a thousand dollars worth of mosquito nets to the area, distribute them, and hang some in families’ huts. It was a true honor and blessing to share in this work with our partners in Sudan.

The following is a video of this most recent trip.
-Coury Deeb