My son Abel and I head to the Sudan…

Nadus Films

This title is a little misleading. Well, perhaps a lot misleading. My son Abel and I didn’t actually visit my friend Yengi Desmond Tutu in the Sudan. However, we did all go to the Louisville Zoo together while he was in town visiting us this past weekend. While at the zoo, we visited the “Africa Outpost”. Surprisingly, Desmond was taken back at how “good of a job” they did in replicating Africa.

Coury, Desmond and Abel

Desmond and I first met each other on a flight from Nairobi to Uganda back in 2005. I was on my way to Sudan for the first time. I learned that Desmond was moving to the states for the first time and knew no one. What a perfect opportunity to make a friend. Desmond came and lived in Louisville, KY in the summer of 2006. He worked a full time construction job in order to pay for his schooling. This time, he came for a weekend prior to his fall classes starting. What’s he studying you might ask? This brilliant young man is studying chemistry and mathematics. We had a wonderful time together. My wife Anne and son Abel enjoyed his time here equally as much!

Desmond and a giraffe