Nadus teaches kids about making films

William Wallace

Nadus wrapped up a project today at the Portland Promise Center. The Portland Promise Center gives youth and families from lower income parts of Louisville the opportunity to excel and be loved in a safe environment ( A few months back we were asked to come to the center & teach a few kids a bit about the process of film making. Well, time snuck up on us and last Sunday night, I received a reminder call letting me know that the classes were to be held the next 3 days from 2:00 to 4:00pm. My response was one of “Oh snap, I forgot about it!” but I showed up on Monday nevertheless.

I walked in having no idea what to expect or teach and was immediately thrown into a pack of six teenagers. It was a challenging week due to a ton of distractions and short attention spans, but I was driven by the desire to serve these kids & give them a memory to look back on as well as an opportunity that they may not have had otherwise.

Portland Promise Center Youth with William

It went down like this: Monday: We talked about films, film making, what type of films the kids like, and what type of film they would like to make. We then scripted & rehearsed the scenes for our Tuesday shoot. Tuesday: We worked really hard and spent an intense two hours shooting the film. Props to everyone for being focused & patient. Wednesday: We finally began the editing. I taught a bit about the process and then we went right to it.

The Editing Process

I will be finishing the editing myself over the next several days so that we can premier it at the center next week. I had a lot of fun serving this class over those 3 days and it was nice to do a less serious project. My hope is that the kids walked away with a basic knowledge of film making and that they felt the love.

We would like to be able to do this again soon.