Off to Sudan!

Nadus Films

Back to Sudan

Nadus is off to Sudan again. This time, we’re taking one of our partners: Seed. Together, we’ll be sending a water team in July, and a medical team in September (additional trips pending). This trip will serve 2 purposes. 1.) Paving the way for these upcoming trips. When the teams hit the ground, we want them running. So, we’ll be setting up their trips prior to them arriving. 2.) Nadus will of course be filming. There’s some things we’d like to film to include in the documentary “The New Sudan” that we didn’t get last time. Could we live without it? Sure. But we have this opportunity to go back and film more and so we’re gonna take it. Please check back frequently over the next few weeks for updates and images of our journey. It’s sure to be an adventure, if its anything like our month long filming expedition last July. Check that trip out also.