A Slow Thaw Has Begun

A slow thaw has begun. Like a bear emerging from winter hibernation, so has some of the world. We’re beginning to carefully step out and step into what we’ve longed for these past 18 months - human connection. Story thrives inside this connection. Despite the lack of togetherness, we at Nadus Films are thankful to have been active even while the world was quiet. We’ve been busy. Really busy. We want to take just a moment to celebrate with you, our closest friends and family, a few ways Nadus Films continued to “make films that make a difference” during the pandemic.

An online video course that teaches non-profit organizations everything we know

That’s right, over the past 1.5 years, Nadus Films has poured decades of knowledge into what is essentially a “master class”. Our target audience are small to mid-sized nonprofits who struggle to tell their story and engage their audience. Too often, nonprofits lack the understanding of how to tell their story and do not have the financial resources to produce professional, impact-driven videos to share that story. We wanted to address these common issues by creating an online class that not only teaches them how to tell their story properly, but film (even on smart phones), edit, and market these videos. Most nonprofits aren’t telling their story. We’re changing that. Be on the lookout for a dedicated email with more info on how to access this course as well as ways to share it with others who you think would benefit of it.

A docu-series on fighting human trafficking

At the 11th hour, prior to the world closing its borders, Nadus Films and its international partners began production on what has been 4 years in the making. We’ve locked arms with frontline, anti-trafficking NGOs to arrest the wrong and rescue the right. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject and the fact that there are open cases still pending, we are limited on what we can share or show about this project. However, we can say that preparing for early 2022 operations are underway and that we can’t wait to further pursue this project. We have affectionately been referring to it as “a calling within a calling”. Assisting in the dismantling of criminal networks and helping rescue those being victimized, all while filming a TV-series, can produce triple, bottom-line impact. We’ll keep you posted as this project progresses. [caption id="attachment_2792" align="alignleft"] © Clay Cook 2019[/caption]

Business as Mission

Nadus Films is about real, viable, and profitable business practices that leads to impacting culture, whether that be economically, socially, or spiritually. This is what “Business as Mission” means. This last year we experienced exponential growth on the commercial side of our business. This has not only helped us become more sustainable and healthier as an organization, but it has also allowed us to partner with other corporations to make content that you have come to expect of Nadus Films. Check out this branded documentary we recently created in partnership with EverTrue. It’s just one of many projects we’ve produced since last you heard from us. We’re busy and so are you. Please forgive us for our lapse in communication as we continue to work toward good, true, and beautiful stories that impact our world for the better. Stay healthy and safe!