The week of the historical vote and an interview from Mapother of LOST

Nadus Films

This Sunday (January 9th) the Southern Sudanese will be given the opportunity to vote for their independence! This will be a historical step for the Southern Sudanese who have waited 50 years for their independence. They’ve endured Africa’s longest running civil war where millions of lives were lost and displaced.

Nadus Films had the privilege of interviewing William Mapother about his role in our film The New Sudan and his thoughts on helping the Southern Sudanese. Mapother has been a long time advocate of this project and desires to see sustainable change in Southern Sudan!

NADUS FILMS: Why did you volunteer your time and talents to The New Sudan?
MAPOTHER: To help spread the word about the the conditions in Southern Sudan, and hopefully move the audience to help the Sudanese.

NADUS FILMS: What was your experience like working on The New Sudan?
MAPOTHER: Wonderful. The filmmakers were easy to work with and are clearly committed to helping improve conditions in the region.

NADUS FILMS: How did The New Sudan affect you?
MAPOTHER: Seeing extended footage from the region made its deprivation real to me in a way that short news clips and newspapers articles never did. And watching and hearing about the resiliency and self-improvement of the Southern Sudanese moved me to believe that they can, in fact, succeed at rebuilding if they’re given the means and opportunity.

NADUS FILMS: What did you find most shocking about what you learned from The New Sudan?
MAPOTHER: That 70% of the people do not have access to clean drinking water.

NADUS FILMS: What has stuck with you having worked on The New Sudan?
MAPOTHER: I’m grateful that some people, such as the filmmakers, are dedicated to helping others and trying to inspire everyone else to do the same.

NADUS FILMS: How can people serve Southern Sudan through Nadus Films?
MAPOTHER: By organizing a fundraising event or hosting a screening of The New Sudan. Organizing a fundraising event can be a fun and creative way to share your support for Southern Sudan with others, and help provide financial support as well. Examples include a car wash, or for a birthday, hosting a screening and requesting donations for the Southern Sudanese instead of gifts.

NADUS FILMS: In January, 2011, the Southern Sudanese will vote on whether to secede and create an independent nation. In light of the upcoming election, what do you recommend people do to help those in Southern Sudan?
MAPOTHER: First, of course, is financial support. Every bit you can offer helps enormously. But raising awareness is also an easy and important way to make a difference. It’s no surprise that most people (and I was one of them) are unaware of Sudan’s history, and even more are unaware of the upcoming referendum and potential violence.

It’s hard to feel the importance of making a commitment to a cause if you don’t understand the issues. Knowing that we have a chance to prevent a deadly civil war by taking action now is critical.

Encourage people to contact the president, their senators and representatives asking them to do everything they can to prevent violence in Sudan.

NADUS FILMS: Why should we care about Southern Sudan?
MAPOTHER: Because they are fighting for their lives. If another reason is necessary, then from a simply selfish point of view, becoming aware of and giving aid to those in need also helps those who give, by reminding us to be grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to give. As Emerson put it, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”