This is Love in the Time of Corona

Nadus Films

Over the past few weeks, if your inbox is anything like mine, it’s been flooded with genuine emails from organizations addressing this crazy season we’re experiencing. These emails are important and serve a purpose but, have been redundant. That’s why, rather than telling you how we feel, we’ve decided to show you through the power of storytelling.

Nadus Films has taken a step back, knowing that with so many personal stories of hope around us, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our own story during this time of uncertainty. We decided to do this knowing that many can relate to what we are feeling. Yes, there’s fear. Yes, there’s anxiety. Yes, we’re not comfortable with not knowing what the future will hold. But, in the end, there’s a grand opportunity to connect with one another despite being isolated.

I’ll be honest. I’ve had mixed emotions during this season of the novel coronavirus. Seeing our government and community react to the social distancing mandate in order to flatten the curve has been largely appropriate and encouraging. It has been amazing to see humanity come together to serve, love and support one another without knowing what tomorrow will bring.

It doesn’t matter whether we know what tomorrow will bring. What matters is what we’re doing with the opportunities that this day brings.

Inevitably, we’ll look back, perhaps 6 months or 6 years from now, and judge what we did today as a culture and how well we overcame this pandemic, together. There is hope, even in the midst of what seems hopeless. There is love, even in the midst of separation.

Please check out this short video we created in effort to instill hope and love in the face of darkness. This is love in the time of corona.

Thank for watching!

Coury Deeb
Director | Nadus Films