This is my
Director’s Cut

Nadus Films

“The love of comfort is
the enemy of greatness.”
– Todd Henry

This quote has rattled me to my core for well over a decade now. It’s a truth that has been lived out for thousands of years by great leaders, martyrs, parents, friends, and entrepreneurs. Everyone, to some extent, can identify comforts in their own life. They’re certainly, but not limited to, things we fall back on due to fear, uncertainty, apathy, or lack of confidence.

What exactly is greatness? How do we avoid chasing the wind? Instead, how do we chase things that matter? There are certainly dozens of opinions here, according to various walks of life, but what’s for certain is putting other people first.

When I founded Nadus Films over 13 years ago, my passion was to tell stories in an entertaining way. Not just anyone’s story, but the marginalized, the broken, and those who don’t have the ability to speak up for themselves.

It’s been a long road, developing Nadus Films’ brand in to what it is today. I can whole heartedly say that our mission has remained the same over the years. We make films that make a difference. For us, how we achieve greatness is by making good, true, and beautiful films that make an impact on people’s lives.

However, all of this comes at a cost. There’s not a corner of my existence that hasn’t been affected by the work of Nadus Films.

How in the hell is it possible to balance a marriage, parenting, faith, and my own personal wellbeing? Spoiler alert…I can’t balance everything. No one can! We’re called to try, but in this fallen world, there’s just as much failure as success. For every single healthy connection I have with my wife, there’s an unhealthy interaction before and/or after. For every one board game I play with my children, there’s a time I lash out at them in anger. For each intimate prayer I have with my God, there’s guaranteed to be days in which “breath prayers” are the new normal. My point in all of this, is that I fail. Regularly. The real question is, is it worth it?

I don’t have it all figured out. I worry. I don’t always find my value where it should be found. However, I do know, that it’s worth it. I know that comfort will hold me back from achieving great things relationally in my family, at work, and in culture. A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence. I want to be persistent.

To live life without fear and without compromise is something that I think a lot of people struggle with. To own it, to admit it, is integrity. I challenge you, as well as myself, to stay the course, focus on what matters and be careful to not become so comfortable that you miss out on greatness. Nothing worthy comes without sacrifice, and sacrifice is not comfortable.

Right now, ask yourself “Am I comfortable? Comfortable at work, relationally, or spiritually?” If your answer is yes, consider taking on something that demands risk, the chance to fail, and ultimately a reward should you stay the course.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
– Dr. Brene Brown

As a director, a husband, and a father, I strive to show the truest version of myself. A leader, husband, and, father should be vulnerable. This is my stab at doing what I preach.

This is my director’s cut.