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Nadus Films

It’s been an intense season here at Nadus Films. After 2 successful trips to Southern Sudan we’re making great progress on our film Grace Surpasses. We’re about 70% done with the rough cut of the film and are prepping for film festivals.

In addition to film festivals, we’ll be touring the project nationwide with bands who will perform the score to the film in front of a live audience. While the band is performing the score to the film, the film Grace Surpasses will be projected on a large screen. Both the band and the film will be complimentary of one another, allowing for an amazing ground breaking mixed media performance.

We’re packaging the film for tour where multiple bands can perform Grace Surpasses. If you are a band and interested, please contact us. We’re excited to announce that the band Interstates will be touring the project locally and at select film festivals.

Help Finish the Film: Grace Surpasses on KickStarter

We’re currently in need of funds to help complete the film Grace Surpasses. Check out our KickStarter campaign to see a special video while also being able to donate to receive awesome incentives. We’re offering incentives like soundtrack downloads, DVD’s, bound books of illustrations, signed posters and your name in the credits! Please check out our KickStarter page to join in on the action!

The board of directors and I have spent much time adapting Nadus Films mission and vision over the past several months. We’re excited to share with you the upcoming changes in the near future, along with the re-vamped website.
Be on the lookout for big news concerning Nadus Films and our upcoming work!

Grace Surpasses Animation

We’re excited to have Yvonne Herbst & Barton Damer join the Grace Surpasses crew. Yvonne worked with Pixar for over 10 years and was instrumental in the film Cars, Monsters, Inc, Toy Story, Ratatouille and more! Check out two of her masterpieces below! Barton will be animating Yvonne’s illustrations to serve as the intro which will be the animated back story to the main character “Grace”.

In closing, we ask that you’d share the website Grace Surpasses with as many people as you can! Help make the film even more powerful by locking arms with Nadus Films as it makes films that make a difference! Any help we can get via our KickStarter campaign is much appreciated!

Spread the word friends!

Fighting injustices through film,
Coury Deeb
Founder & Director of Nadus Films