Nadus Films

Recently, the Nadus Film crew and volunteer staff completed a water purification class. It was a very powerful course that educated the crew on the implications of water purification in places such as Sudan. Since water will be a part of the upcoming documentary “The New Sudan”, Nadus thought it would be important to learn about the fulfilling of a need, not just the need its self.

The water purification system that we were taught can effectively purify up to 55 gallons of water per minute. This could essentially provide up to 10,000 people a day with clean drinking water. Amazing.

The Nadus Film crew will be taking one of these water purification systems with them this coming July. The goal is to set up the system, give it a test run and eventually send additional water purification teams in the near future to southern Sudan. The community there is welcoming this project with open arms. Even prior to starting production on the documentary, Nadus is serving and helping fulfill the needs in southern Sudan. Awesome.